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Specializing in: Gold * Tanzanite * Diamond * Ruby *

Also... Red/Green/Blue Tourmaline * Garnets * and many others.

We at Tanzania Mining Dealers know where you can find gemstones here in Tanzania at throwaway prices. We act as intermediaries between local miners and gemstone sellers. Upon your request we can arrange everything, from picking you at the airport to accomodation, immigration procedures, geting work permits, security detail, translation as well as acting as a go between you and various government agencies. We also provide expert advice (consultancy) concerning the whole mining industry in Tanzania. This includes geological maps and research papers as well as where to find local gemstone miners and sellers.

We have helped hundreds of gemstone dealers from Korea, Japan, Thailand, U.K, U.S.A, Australia, Spain, Dubai and Holland, but only to mention a few. Try us and you may end up getting VERY, VERY RICH.


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Accomodation, Work Permit, Translation and Security Detail

Expert Advice concerning the Mining Industry in Tanzania e.g where to find gemstones

Go Between with various Government Agencies e.g Mining Permits

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